Made By Hand

Everything we serve at Shorty’s is made by hand, from scratch. Here’s a look at just a few of the things we make in our kitchen.


Pastrami begins with a five day brine in salt, brown sugar and spices. On the sixth day, the brisket is rubbed with coriander and black pepper and smoked. After being smoked, the meat is then steamed until tender and ready to slice.


Good Jewish Rye is hard to come by these days. That’s why we make our own, complete with caraway and nigella seeds, and twice baked for that nice, crunchy crust.


Mustard is an important part of any good pastrami sandwich. We start by toasting half the mustard seeds and then blend them up with white wine and champagne vinegar. The mustard is sandwich ready after at least two weeks of aging.


Pickling has long been a tradition for preserving vegetables year round, not to mention making tasty additions to a variety of dishes. Besides our crispy dill spears, we have pickled just about anything from green garlic, to eggs, beets and grapes.